How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

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From fixing up and cleaning to assembling all the paperwork in the end, selling a home usually takes a few months. You might hear that homes in your neighborhood are on the market for 10, 20, or 30 days — but that’s just the time from listing to closing.

When you add in all the preparation done in advance and the chance of a buyer backing out, you’re really looking at a complicated and drawn-out process.

The Typical Timeline of Selling a Home

If you decide to sell your home in the traditional route — with a real estate agent and listing — here’s a timeline you might expect:

  • Day 1. Hire a real estate agent and begin discussing market position.
  • Day 10. Begin making necessary repairs for problems that will turn off buyers.
  • Day 20. Clean out the home, send items to storage or another property, hold a garage sale, and generally start prepping for showings.
  • Day 30. Stage the home, take photographs, and get it ready to list.
  • Day 31+… The house gets listed on the market. Showings and open houses take place.
  • A few days, weeks, or months… Buyers make offers, often for less than you want. Some negotiate by demanding repairs and upgrades to be included.
  • The final closing. The buyer, real estate agent, lenders, attorneys, and a ton of paperwork come together eventually and everybody signs off.

Common Delays in Home Sales

The first major source of delays stems from problems with the property — bad electrical, mold in the kitchen, a sagging roof. Typical home buyers simply won’t make an offer. At a minimum, you probably need to do some repainting, landscaping, and various repairs.

Buyers are the next source of delays. They may want to buy quickly, but they do not have their paperwork and finances in order. Others want to try their hand at slick negotiating or they demand a major renovation like replacement flooring before they make an offer.

Finally, the bureaucracy of closing often throws a wrench into things. Last-minute changes, disclosure forms, mortgage company processing delays, and a number of other paperwork issues can crop up in the hours before closing.

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