Expired Listing

Cash Home Buyer in Charlotte, NC

Despite being highly motivated to sell your home, your listing expired — and now you’re stuck holding the property and all of the financial burden. Houses with expired listings can happen for a variety of reasons, but in virtually all cases you will need to make some kind of change to get the house to sell.

If you don’t want to re-list and keep waiting, you do have options to sell your home for cash. We offer home sellers in the Charlotte, NC area cash offers, quickly and fairly, so you can sell the property in about a week and move on.

We Buy Houses With Expired Listings in Charlotte, NC

You need to find a new solution to sell your home quickly if your listing has expired for reasons such as:

Unmotivated agent — Real estate agents split their time between many listings. Did yours fall through the cracks? You can find a different agent, but you might need a cash offer if you have already waited too long to sell.

Necessary repairs — Many buyers want move-in ready homes. Others can’t look past an ugly exterior. You could make some repairs and list the home again, but unfortunately that’s not financially realistic for everybody.

Bad advertising — Does your home have plenty of photos available online? Has the agent done much to help announce the listing? The sad news is that bad advertising often means the agent was not confident about making the sale, and the next agent may feel the same way.

Buyer’s market — In bad market conditions, a home might take many months to sell instead of a few weeks. Ask yourself if you can wait until the market improves.

When to Sell Your Home for Cash, Fast

In many circumstances, selling your home for an upfront cash offer makes more sense than rolling the dice with a re-listing.

Cash home sales avoid the real estate market completely. Instead of searching for a buyer, we buy the house directly from you. The sale price will be less than your market asking price, but we take care of the repairs and financial issues on your behalf — you get to take the cash and walk away from the financial burden.

The key benefits of cash home sales:

  • No need to make repairs — we buy the house as-is.
  • Stop foreclosure and end mortgage payments — we take care of everything.
  • Zero fees — we attempt to make a profit by fixing up the home and reselling it later.
  • Fast sale — get cash in about a week!

Why Choose CLT Home Solutions

We make the cash sale process simple and convenient, and our customer-focused mission drives us to provide the most helpful and caring service possible. We provide fair and honest information about our process and make sure you understand all your options.

If your listing has expired and you’d rather just sell the house for cash and move forward, contact CLT Home Solutions today to get started.