Sell Your Home in Need of Repairs in Charlotte, NC


Sell Your Damaged Home Fast For Cash with CLT Home Solutions

If you purchased a home dreaming of the wonderful years to come, only to find that your house has turned into a money pit, you are not alone. Many homeowners find themselves in the situation where home maintenance and upkeep just becomes too much to cope with.

From plumbing issues to mold, to tenants destroying your home, if you have a home that you just can’t afford to repair, you may want to contact us at CLT Home Solutions.

Even though your home feels like it is in total disrepair, and you feel like no one would want to buy it, we can help. We pay cash for houses that are in all kinds of conditions, from minor repairs such as chipped and cracked walls, to foundation problems, we will purchase your home and offer you a quick sale.

How We Can Help you Sell Your Damaged Home

Your home may be in total disrepair and you may feel that all the upkeep and fixes needed is just not financially viable, in fact you may not even be able to afford the simple repairs that keep your home healthy and livable. If this is the case, you may want to sell your damaged home. There are also those circumstances where you have rented a beautiful property out to tenants that you thought you could trust, only to find that the house is now trashed beyond repair, perhaps you feel like renting a property out to others is just too much trouble. No matter why you need to sell your home, we can help.

We offer homeowners in the Charlotte, NC, area a fast cash sale solution.  Regular home sales can take upwards of two months to settle, and most buyers will want you to make costly repairs before they will even consider purchasing your home. We take the trouble out of selling by making you a cash offer. Once you have decided to accept our offer on your home, we will buy and close your property quickly.

In our business we understand that selling a home is not always an easy decision. We work to make the process as simple and quick as possible, to help relieve some of that pressure you are likely feeling.

Why Sell Your Damaged Home to CLT Home Solutions?

CLT Home Solutions understands how difficult it is to sell a home and we work to reduce the complications and stress. We will work with you from beginning till end, to make sure your home is sold quickly. We offer a cash sale, meaning you don’t have to deal with potential buyers, real estate agents, or banks and mortgage brokers. CLT Home Solutions have worked with many homeowners across the Charlotte helping them sell their home fast at a reasonable price.

Request an Offer For Your Home Today – Even if it Needs Repairs!

If you are looking to sell your damaged home quickly, and without the hassle of a regular house sale, contact the team at CLT Home Solutions today.