Does Selling to A Cash Home Buyers Affect My Credit?

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Will selling my home to CLT Home Solutions hurt my credit or affect me long term?

Selling your home to CLT Home Solutions will not adversely impact whatever situation you find yourself in. While short sales and foreclosures may affect your credit, a cash sale in and of itself will not. In fact, CLT Home Solutions can help. If you’re facing foreclosure, CLT Home Solutions can get you the cash you need quickly to get out from under your mortgage obligation.

Whether you are selling because you are facing costly repairs, unpaid property taxes, a divorce, or anything else, the only thing that working with CLT Home Solutions means is that you get cash directly and quickly.

When you contact CLT Home Solutions, we assess your house, make a fair offer, and if accepted, pay in cash in as little as 14 days. That’s it. From there, we own the home and you have the cash. No reporting to any credit bureaus and no disclosures required elsewhere.

While home sales are a matter of public record, CLT Home Solutions is an honest and reputable company serving the greater Charlotte area. We have bought many homes in the Charlotte area, which has helped sellers receive cash quickly with no haggles and no impact to their credit. That means you can rest easy working with us.

How Does Selling Your House to CLT Home Solutions Work?

Selling your home to CLT Home Solutions is no different than selling your personal vehicle to a buyer who chooses to pay in cash. A price is agreed upon, cash is paid, and everyone is on their way. No long-term holdovers or documentation required down the road. In fact, other than public tax records, the transaction will not show up anywhere else.

So, if you require a large sum of cash quickly or if you need to sell a property quickly due to costly repairs, divorce, or any other life event, CLT Home Solutions is here to help. Simply contact us today to get started. We will quickly assess your home, make you an offer we believe is fair, and will pay in cash in as little as 7 days.

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