What it Costs to Sell Your House In Charlotte

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Unless you are familiar with the home selling process, it is not always clear what costs are associated with selling your home in Charlotte. Many people envision a scenario where they simply make money selling their home, but that isn’t always the case once all the sellers fees are included.

Below are some of the costs that unsuspecting sellers may not take into consideration when selling their home.

Real Estate Agent Commissions

Everyone knows that real estate agents get paid a commission when they sell a home, but they don’t always realize just how much they get. Commissions to real estate agents can vary from agency to agency, generally falling anywhere between 4% and 7%. Seems like a small amount, but depending on the sales price, this can sometimes be tens of thousands of dollars.

Before deciding on a real estate agent, be sure to compare the commission amounts.

Title Fees

These fees can include:

  • Title search fees
  • Lien search fees
  • Settlement fees
  • Filing fees

Title Insurance Fees

In most cases, title insurance fees are paid by the seller. After fees are paid an owner’s policy is then issued for the amount of the purchase price of the home and insures the ownership of the home for the benefit of the current owner for as long as they own the property.

Real Estate Taxes

Generally, when you sell your house, you will be responsible for paying the portion of real estate taxes for the period of time you live in the home. For example, if you occupy the home for 60% of the year, you will pay 60% of the property taxes for that year.

This is an often forgotten or overlooked cost for home sellers and can come as a surprise as they prepare to close–costing them unexpected thousands of dollars in some cases.

Eliminate Your Home Selling Fees with CLT Home Solutions

All of the above fees, and more, are costs that sellers often disregard when considering the sale of their home. With CLT Home Solutions, we pay all fees associated with selling your home, allowing you to walk away from your property with cash in your pocket and none of the hassle or stress associated with the traditional sales method.

While it is true that cash home buyers typically pay below retail price for homes, when you factor in the elimination of commissions, closing costs, and fees, the price offered is generally very fair–especially considering the expedited sales process and the loss of potential holding costs while waiting on a traditional home sale to close.

To receive a fair cash offer for your home in Charlotte, contact CLT Home Solutions today. We are a local cash home buyer in Charlotte, NC founded by long-time Charlotte area residents with a passion for improving Charlotte neighborhoods and helping distressed homeowners in the area.

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