Are “We Buy Houses” Companies Scams?

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Many people, understandably, are wary of “we buy houses” companies. The image that comes to mind is often a shady contractor looking to profit off of another’s misfortune. While those guys certainly exist–as they do in all industries–there are far more reputable companies specializing in cash home sales that are simply running honest businesses and providing a valuable service to homeowners in distress across the country.

Many homeowners do not have the time or funds to be involved in a long, drawn out home sale process, making cash home buyers a great solution. While it is true that cash home buyers will make offers below what the home can fetch on the retail market, homeowners do not have to pay closing costs, real estate agent commissions, or any other fees. Often, when these expenses are removed from the equation, homeowners often walk away with a great deal for their home, while avoiding the hassle and stress of selling their home through traditional means.

The CLT Home Solutions Team

Zeb Moser

At CLT Home Solutions, we are just a team of friends that grew up together in the Charlotte area with a passion for real estate investment. Our founders, Zeb Moser, Jason Javer, and Ryan Smith got a start in their professional careers in other industries, but quickly realized a passion for real estate and decided to start helping homeowners full-time. Together, they created CLT Home Solutions with a commitment to simplifying the house-selling process by buying peoples’ unwanted houses fast–for cash!

Our Cash Home Buying Process

Our cash home buying process is simple. Charlotte area homeowners contact us, looking to sell their home. We set an appointment to view the property. After a thorough walk through of the home, we make homeowners a fair cash offer for their home–as is. No repairs or expensive upgrades necessary. If the owner accepts our offer, we can complete the sale and put cash in their pocket in as little as two weeks–allowing them to walk away from a property that they no longer want or can no longer afford without the hassle of showing the home to countless potential buyers and expense of maintaining the home throughout a drawn out sales process.

No tricks, no gimmicks. Just honest, local cash home buyers in Charlotte, looking to help homeowners unload their unwanted property.

To find out how CLT Home Solutions can help you sell your house fast in Charlotte, contact us today. Call us at (704) 879-5222 or fill out a contact form to get started!