Cash Home Buyers in Charlotte, NC

Cash home buyers in Charlotte, NC

Selling your home fast may seem impossible–especially if it needs major repairs, you owe back taxes, or you owe more than the home is worth. Selling your home through traditional means can take months, or more, especially if you have any outstanding issues that scare potential buyers away.

On top of the time requirements, selling a home through traditional methods can mean more effort on your part to be present for showings, keeping the house tidy, and additional carrying costs to hold onto the house if you are still paying a mortgage.






As a cash home buyer in Charlotte, NC, CLT Home Solutions can eliminate all these problems–offering you cold hard cash for your home and a closing time of two weeks or less! Since we do not have to wait for financial approval like buyers relying on loans, we offer a fair value for your home and remove the unwanted need and expense associated with real estate agents.

No commissions, no fees. Just cash in your pocket!

Why Sell to a Cash Home Buyer in Charlotte, NC?

Reasons for selling your home to a cash home buyer can vary from homeowner to homeowner. Some homeowners may be facing foreclosure while others may have simply inherited a home that they do not want or cannot afford to maintain. CLT Home Solutions, a cash home buyer in Charlotte, NC, can help homeowners in these situations sell their homes quickly–allowing them to eliminate the financial burden caused by a home they cannot afford.

Need to sell your home? We buy homes for cash!

As a cash home buyer in Charlotte, NC, CLT Home Solutions can allow you to remove or reduce the stress from major life events like divorce, job transfer, death of a family member, lawsuits, or other events that can cause financial and emotional distress. Unlike traditional home sales, our cash home buyers can help you wrap up the details and move on with the next chapter of your life.

Benefits of a Cash Home Sale

  • Ease of sale. The primary benefit of selling your home to a cash home buyer like CLT Home Solutions is that it is easy.
  • No involvement from realtors, mortgage lenders, or the other people traditionally involved in home sales means a quicker turn-around and potentially more money in your pocket.
  • Earn more money. By the time you factor in carrying costs (assuming you are still paying a mortgage on your home), real estate agent commissions, and closing costs, you stand to lose thousands–potentially even tens of thousands of dollars–selling your home through traditional means.

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There is no need to wait months and months to sell your home.

Contact CLT Home Solutions–Charlotte’s trusted cash home buyers–and let us help you sell your home in as little as two weeks!